Bangkok’s Best Afternoon Tea – The Sukhothai Chocolate Buffet

It has been said that whatever your mood is, there is a perfect chocolate for you. Chocolate is a source of happiness. The Sukhothai Bangkok reveals the magic of chocolate with a variety of exotic couverture. Blended from the world’s finest cacao beans to tempt guests at its legendary Chocolate Buffet.

Led by Chef Laurent Ganguillet, a Swiss Chocolatier with more than 27 years of experience, is the man responsible for first launching The Sukhothai’s Chocolate Buffet during Christmas of 1992.

Chef Laurent views chocolate as a noble product that must be treated with respect. He is a strong believer in chocolate’s medicinal qualities and has formed his own theory that there is one kind of chocolate for every moment. Chef Laurent demonstrates when it comes to blending with an incredible range of 31 different chocolates featured on the Signature his Liquid Chocolate Trolley.

P125, Cocoa 100%, Abinao 85%, Ouganda 80%, Equateur 76%, Tanzanie 75%, Araguani 72%, Chumporn70%, Chantaburi 70%, Cuba70%, Ivory coast69%, Ghana 68%, Mexique66%, Santarem 65%, Vietnam 64%, Classic 61%, Itakuja 55%, Dark orange, Bahibe 46%, Madagascar 43%, Venezuela 43%, Equateur 42%, Lindt milk 37%, Azelia 35%, Orelys 35%, Aneo 34%, Dulcey 32%, Lindt white, Inspiration passion, Inspiration strawberry and Inspiration almond. A cup of liquid hot chocolate or on ice get even better taste with Whipped Cream; Sea Salt; Cinnamon; Nutmeg; Cracked Pepper; Piment d’Espelette and more!

“I can match the flavor to the guests’ personalities, I talk to the client to find out and blend chocolate to match their mood and character”, said Chef Laurent.

Chef Laurent aims to keep the buffet fresh, innovative and reflecting the seasons for hotel guests as well as regular local patrons.

Enticing dessert display of our famous Sticky toffee pudding, Churros, chocolate truffles, macaroons, pastries and cakes. Ice cream and sorbet act as refreshments before moving on to the chocolate fondue and warm pudding.

Selection of assorted sushi and Japanese appetizers, Tea Sandwich before indulging in Chef Laurent’s personalized blends.

Live Station

The whole experience is complemented by our wide range selection of tea from SARO, The Oriental Senses of Premium Tea or Lavazza coffee fresh from Barista.

Every Friday -Saturday – Sunday

Time: 14.00-17.00 Hrs.

Venue: Lobby Salon – The Sukhothai Bangkok

Price: THB 990++ per person

Tel: +66 (0) 2344 8888 Email:

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