The Developer – Gulu Lalvani, Chairman, Royal Phuket Marina

Travelling and yachting are amongst my greatest passions, and I have been fortunate to be able to pursue them both wholeheartedly. Yet, as I travelled the world, I experienced many amazing destinations and resorts, but nothing that really struck me with its perfection – nothing had it all.

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Then I discovered Phuket and fell in love. For me, Phuket had all the elements for the perfect yachting destination. It is the maritime jewel of Asia – so convenient to get to from anywhere in the world. The beautiful surrounds, the breathtaking land and seascapes, and the year-round tropical weather make it ideal for yachting. It is neither overpopulated nor over-commercialised, like many European yachting destinations.

I saw an immense opportunity in Phuket – one that no one else had yet pursued. Royal Phuket Marina is the result of my ambition to put Phuket on the map as an international yachting and lifestyle destination.

Royal Phuket Marina is a resounding success, with all of our Phase 1 and Phase 2 residential developments sold out. Investors and competitors alike have shown keen interest in the scale of our ambition. I am honoured that the world has recognised Royal Phuket Marina’s achievements by granting us the ‘Best Developer, Best Waterfront Development Asia 2010’ at the Cityscape Awards in Singapore, one of the world’s largest property shows

This article by www.luxurysocietyasia.com

The marina has become a haven for residents, visitors, and business people, with a convention centre that showcases international-level exhibitions from all over the world, a world-class award-winning health club with floodlit tennis courts, a soon-to-be-announced upscale boutique hotel, a variety of exquisite shops, and restaurants specialising in cuisines from all over the world, including Vietnamese, Italian, and Thai, as well as our own artisan pâtissier at Les Anges.

As a natural progression and due to increasing demand, we have now embarked on Phase 3 of Royal Phuket Marina. This phase is a unique offering that is exciting buyers with its unprecedented access to this one-of-a-kind lifestyle.

My vision was to create an Asian yachting paradise, with boating available all year round. Royal Phuket Marina is the answer to this vision – not only is it a yachting haven, but it has also become an entertainment, leisure, and lifestyle hub in Phuket, on par with many of the world’s most coveted destinations. . I’ve also seen Phuket’s cachet as a destination skyrocket in recent years – it is rapidly becoming a major magnet for celebrities, jetsetters, and global yacht enthusiasts.

One should always strive for the best, and Royal Phuket Marina is the result of my quest for perfection. Royal Phuket Marina is a yachting paradise, and I want to share it with like-minded, passionate enthusiasts. It’s my pleasure to invite you to Royal Phuket Marina to see for yourself just how glamorous – and convenient –paradise can be.

This article by www.luxurysocietyasia.com

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