The cave is divided into three main phases: the first is a stream flowing water into the wide basin. (Tourists will play the water directly here. Be very careful. The water is quite deep enough.) Next, the middle of the waterfall. Large area to eat long to the dam. Water is rather shallow. Can be played with a sneeze and the last part is over the weir. This is the highlight of the waterfall. You will see a wide white waterfall float. The stream flows into the basin below. At this point, visitors will see the waterfall. And the water is hot. Waterfall Cave Cave Travelers need to park their car at the pier. After that, the villagers have to take a boat. Soak up the waterfall about 10 minutes and then walk down to about 500 meters, you will see the courtyard front of the waterfall Cave appears in front. Walking path is quite convenient. Some of the corridors of the corridor also have a small bridge to connect each stone to tourists to walk on.