The Bar Upstairs Review 2018 – Savour The Exquisite Frenchness In The Most Meticulous Forgotten House


Bangkok has recently welcomed the latest one-stop wine bar to Nana district. Nestled in the bustling downtown, The Bar Upstairs is a quiet place to joyously mingle in your after hours. Walking upstairs to the third floor of Brasserie Cordonnier, you will miraculously find a rus in urbe especially made for wine lovers in the simultaneously posh and cosy settings.

Story & Photos by Fah, Pam Luxury Society Asia


The Bar Upstairs is inspired by an abandoned house in South of France with overgrown plants, vines and vegetation, as if this place was once owned by a botanist. Big green ferns hanging from the ceiling contrasting their black iron pots create a modern-ish mood.

Gorgeously dressed in black and brown, this place gives you a warm and cordial feeling in spite of its dazzling resemblance to an neglected house. If you are looking for a  romantic corner to cheers to your lover, the second floor of The Bar Upstairs is more than ideal for you.

However, whether you are coming with a group of friends, or check this place out as a wine lover or a discerning foodie, you will definitely enjoy every minute of it.


People head to The Bar Upstairs mostly for wines and elegant time. Over 150 brands of wine from worldwide are on offer for both drinking in or taking away, at reasonable prices. House wines by glass such as Spanish Tempranillo Ave De Presa (THB 190), Carmenere Camino De Chile (THB 210), and here are fair at feasible prices, and we recommend Domaine Laroche’s light-bodied Pinot Noir de La Chevalière (THB 310) as this French wine goes well with other French flavours on plates.

Despite being a wine-focused bar with an ample array of wines, cocktails and choices of ambrosial gin and other liquors at The Bar Upstairs know well how to pamper the night. Most of the cocktails are rather girlish in both looks and flavours, giving the sense of being mixed by a dainty botanist.

Picnic in Provence (THB 280) is as fresh as an actual namesake experience, when the gentle gust of wind mildly caresses your flowing hair, and its subtle sparklingness perfectly perks up the fruity glass. As the night goes on, La Vie En Lavender (THB 320), a berry-ish vodka-based cocktail with a hint of soothing lavender, is a stronger glass, yet remain a genteel character.


French classy culinary traditions are to be savoured here along with fine wines and creatively crafted drinks. Straight from Brasserie Cordonnier’s kitchen, French dish like Burgundy Snail (THB 390) is unmissable whatsoever for an ultimate French time, as well as The Chef’s Picnic (THB 1,700), a scrumptious kit filled with delectable cold cuts, cheeses, baguettes, as well as home-made duck rillettes, veggie in a jar, condiments, salad and dessert (we had a jar of dreamy chocolate mousse which is the best we ever had!) 

Burgundy Snail

Bites like Australian Wagyu Beef Tatare (THB 230), Deep Fried Cured Ham Croquetas (THB 190), and Croquet Monsieur (THB 180) are unstoppable.


Khun Vichest Jirabovonvisut, founder of Autobahn Motorsport™ Thailand, who has previously tried lots of drinks at different bars worldwide and who is a wine connoisseur, tried mixing up his own glass of gin for the night. He experimented Martin Miller’s combining with Fever Tree Edelflower Tonic and garnished by thyme. They did not get along well as he expected, so his suggestion was: trust the bartenders!

Drop off at BTS Nana to Soi Sukhumvit 11. You may walk for 750 metres, or take a bike to save time. Parking lot is available behind the restaurant.

CONTACT: Tel: 66 (02)  038 5113 Emai:

Facebook: @upstairsbkk