Thailand, one of a home to the largest overseas Chinese community in the world, is planning to welcome the lunar New Year with grand celebrations across the country. This year the celebration dates vary in each province. Here are recommended list where you can celebrate Chinese new year, and dine with family in Bangkok.

2021 Thailand Chinese New Year

The China House: Since 1990 The China House at Mandarin Oriental Bangkok set in a standalone two story colonial style house has served the very best Cantonese cuisine. Recently it was renovated into the sexy chic Shanghai Art Deco style of the 1930s. Executive Chinese Chef Andy Leong Siew Fye, born in Penang, educated in Chinese cuisine at the East West Culinary School Taipei serves authentic Cantonese dishes interpreted in contemporary style.

Hong Bao is run by the same discerning investor who owns Water Library, one of Bangkok’s most highly respected dining establishments. Lead by Chef Po from Macau and his experience culinary teams from Canton, the restaurants offer all day  Dim Sum menus and new specialties.

Hong Teong Long: A master of Chinese food also known as Khom Daeng. Set in a typical shophouse, once inside whats stands out is the harmony of saltiness, sweetness and spiciness, each in perfect blance. Cantonese food includes dumplings, noodles and stir fries. The Salapoa buns have a fried base, the crunchiness contrasts with their fluffy tops. Their fish is extremely fresh. Open until 4am they also serve great Shanghai and Schezuan dishes

Bai Yun: Sitting on the 60th floor of Banyan Tree Bangkok this is the city’s Chinese restaurant at the highest elevation. The main dining room is double storey high. The décor is in subtle shades of burgundy and silver complimented by contemporary Chinese furniture with its signature high back chairs. They serve Cantonese cuisine that has been given a modern twist.

Prachak: A century hole in the wall best known for their roast duck. Gleaning red birds hang in the steam billows out of baskets.It’s bustling not the place for a quiet meal. The house speciality is Khao Naa Ped (rice topped with roast duck). The chopped duck is tender and flavourful. The gravy poured on top is neither too sweet nor too thick with the Thai herbal fragrance of lemongrass and ginger. Its served with boiled Chinese cabbage.

T&K Seafood Restaurant: A popular hawker stall with tourists & locals alike located it Yaowarat (China Town. It’s one of the best places to eat Thai seafood in Bangkok. Their speciality is Or Suan (sizzling oyster omlette with crispy edges. This is followed by Steamed Lemon Seabass. Another not to be missed is Seafood Tom Yam Soup with coconut milk for a fragrant aroma and not overly spicy taste.

Siang Ping Loh: Located on the eighth floor of Grand China Princess Hotel, the restaurant has a reputation for serving the best Peking Duck in Bangkok with a Taechew twist. In China they just eat the skin, it has been adapted in Thailand to a two course experience. The first is the crispy skin delicately carved to ensure no fat. The second the meat of the duck stir fried spicy or with garlic and green onions. Their Dim Sum is simply remarkable. Email:

Hua Seng Hong: One of the most famous addresses in Yaowarat. A Chinatown institution jam packed with locals and tourists, most of whom are Asian. No frills here the focus is on the food. They offer a enormous Chinese menu where the specialities are shark’s fin, braised goose feet in a clay pot and steamed crab with glass noodles.

Tang Jai Yoo: One of the best Taechew restaurants, located in the Samphanthawong district of Yaiwarat. They serve authentic Chinese cuisine both mainland and Cantonese ranging from simple fried rice dishes, roasted suckling pig and dumpling to exotic delicacies. A loud lively restaurant full of happy Thai Chinese dinners. Its very popular so reservations are strongly recommended.

Yim Yim Restaurant: Often spelt ‘Jim Jim’ an 80 years old veteran in Yaowarat’s rich dining scene. They serve all the favourites Shark fin soup, abalone and other Chinese favourites. Their speciality is ham with goat’s skin robust, meaty yet lean.They are also famous for their chicken soup, a wonderful flavourful broth. 89 Soi Yaowapanich, Padsai Road Tel 0-2224-2203

Sor Bor LorWhen this restaurant 53 years ago they only served Taechew Sukiyaki and Khao Mun Kai. Today they serve a long list of Taechew and Hong Kong style dishes served in a glamorous Chinese setting Their best selling dishes are braised abalone, shark fin soup and grilled snow fish with soy sauce.

Shang Palace – The elegance of Cantonese cuisine 

Discover the finest, most authentic Cantonese cuisine at Shang Palace. Signature dishes from our experienced and highly dedicated chefs are crafted with meticulous attention to every detail and elegantly presented at your table.