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The Shoppers nowadays care about the freshness and taste of their food and beverages. They also focus on their health and the healthy environment.  To understand customers, leverage this important trends, identified opportunities for brands and retailers.

Work Harder to Protect Taste, Freshness and Nutrients

Shoppers feel strongly that taste should not be compromised or altered because of its packaging. According to the study, 76 percent of shoppers say that when they are shopping for healthy beverages, packaging that “doesn’t impact the taste” is extremely or very important to them. The study also shows that they go into the shopping experience with strong views already established that certain packaging can change the taste of my beverage.

Work Harder to Align with Ingredients

While healthy ingredients have been important for years, now shoppers are increasingly looking at additional attributes, such as where ingredients come from and how they are processed. Recently, packaging materials are having an increased impact on purchasing decisions. This creates innovation opportunities as brands seek to meet evolving consumer demands.

Work Harder to Be Responsible

How much packaging? Is the packaging recyclable? Is the packaging made with renewable materials? Are the packaging materials plant-based? All these issues come into grocery shoppers’ minds as they decide on a food or beverage purchase. The study shows 68% of shoppers say it is extremely or very important “to choose foods or beverages that are packaged responsibly” and the same percentage of shoppers strongly agree or agree “I try to buy products in packaging that is recyclable.”

Brands and retailers need to make these choices easier for shoppers by promoting responsible packaging, on the label and in the store. The study shows that 62% of shoppers want to learn more about plant-based food or beverage packaging.

Work Harder to Share Values

Not only is the package itself and the information on the label important to shoppers, but their environmental responsibility interests also go much deeper.


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