A gastronomic journey across the senses is waiting for you as 6 of Europe’s finest chefs prepare the creations that have earned them a total of 10 Michelin Stars.

With Three Michelin Stars the highest accolade in the world of fine dining, imagine the creations to be enjoyed crafted by the hands of an astonishing Ten Michelin Stars.

In the first event of its kind in Thailand, 6 Michelin Starred Chefs from the Netherlands invite you to discover the unique signature dishes of their cuisine that have made them a household name in their native land.


Hosted by Chef Henk Savelberg and Restaurant Savelberg Thailand, guests are invited to an elegant evening of superlative cuisine and fine wines in the plush new ballroom of the Oriental Residence Hotel.

More than a mere dinner, the evening will be an exclusive experience encompassing an art exhibition by Lotus Arts de Vivre, Thailand’s preeminent jewelry and objet d’art house, welcoming diners with a pre-dinner cocktail reception and rousing palates for the multi course banquet ahead.

Dine with Stars

Les Patrons Cuisiniers is a culinary association of quality restaurants in the Netherlands established on 14 October, 1991.

It was created as the founders were dissatisfied with the direction of older culinary partnerships and with the aim of bringing more attention to the culinary reputation of chefs instead of restaurant owners.

Membership is open exclusively to head chefs with proven culinary quality. All members of Les Patrons Cuisiniers have been awarded Michelin stars.

Meet the Chefs

All participating chefs at the event are members of Les Patrons Cuisiniers and each hold 1 -3 Michelin Stars.

Dine with dine with michelin stared chefs



Being of the founders of Les Patrons Cuisiniers,
Henk Savelberg is proud to have invited significant luminaries of the Dutch culinary scene, who are members of Les Patrons Cuisiniers, to participate in the ‘Dining with the Stars’ event.

Of note, he is the only Dutch head chef, up until now, to have been awarded a Michelin star in four different restaurants in the Netherlands.

He started working at restaurant De Graaf van het Hoogveen, where he was awarded his first Michelin star in 1982. More were to follow with his moves to restaurant Seinpost in 1983 and Vreugd en Rust in 1989, where Michelin awarded him a star from 1998 to present.

Henk Savelberg is by no means the first well-known European chef to establish a presence in an Asian capital but is one of the few to have spent such considerable time in Bangkok,
first as a visiting chef cooking and now as Chef Patron of Restaurant Savelberg Thailand.











Dine with dine with michelin stared chefs



Cees Helder is the former restaurant owner of Parkheuvel in Rotterdam. He was the first Head Chef in the Netherlands to acquire three Michelin stars. Helder obtained his first Michelin star when he was Head Chef at Villa Rozenrust.

A second star followed at Le Chevalier in Delft.
In 1986, Helder purchased Parkheuvel and in November 2001 it became the first Dutch restaurant to hold three Michelin stars.

After selling Parkheuvel, he became the Head Chef of the Palazzo Amsterdam in the winter of 2012-3.

Helder’s culinary style is simple, but very sophisticated, and he is known for his seafood dishes.












Dine with dine with michelin stared chefs



Jarno Eggen is Head Chef of De Groene Lantaarn a fine dining restaurant located in Zuidwolde in the Netherlands.

The establishment was awarded one Michelin star from 2011 to 2015 and received a second star in 2016. Situated in a picturesque old Saxonian farmhouse, with some parts dating from the 1700s, the venue serves as a contrasting backdrop to the imaginative and contemporary cuisine on offer.















Dine with dine with michelin stared chefs


Raymond Prinsen took over as Head Chef of De Stenen Tafel, a restaurant located in Borculo in the Netherlands, in 1994.

As a fine dining establishment, the restaurant was awarded one Michelin star from 1999 to 2011.
He is also Head Chef of the Bib Gourmand bistro
De Olliemölle, which came second in the national competition of the trade magazine Misset with ‘the most beautiful terrace in the Netherlands’.

His passion remains in classic cuisine, as he believes authentic traditional cooking contains a lot of good in itself. With this concept, he incorporates contemporary trends, to enhance the natural significance of these dishes with his personal lighter and airier touch.

Raymond sees it as his main task to prepare “extremely good food” for his guests daily.


Wilco Berends is Head Chef of De Nederlanden, a restaurant and hotel, located in a monumental building on one of the most picturesque sites of the Netherlands in Vreeland aan de Vecht.

A fine dining restaurant, the establishment was awarded one Michelin star in the years 1958 and 1959 and one or two Michelin stars in the period 1999 to present.

The GaultMillau Guide has awarded the restaurant 17 out of 20 points.

As Head Chef, Wilco Berends cooks ultimate taste combinations fully dedicated to fresh products with respect to the offer of the seasons and a cooking style that, despite the often refined palate, can almost be described as ‘natural’.

Dine with Michelin Stared Chef



Martin Kruithof is Head Chef of the Lindenhof in the Dutch city Giethoorn. The restaurant serves regional cuisine, incorporating dishes from both French and international cuisine as well.

The Lindenhof opened its doors in 1994 and obtained its first Michelin star in 1996, with the second arriving in 2005. De Lindenhof has been at the top of the list of the best restaurants in Holland for years and the GaultMillau Guide has awarded the Lindenhof 18 out of 20 points since 2005.

Martin Kruithof sticks to the distinctive character of his restaurant and serves dishes that stir sensual delights, whilst providing a lot of personal attention to the wishes of guests who are able to appreciate wonderful meals in a homey environment.





Dine with dine with michelin stared chefs


  • Dutch Herring with apple
  • Steamed sesame bread with sour pork & sweet and sour cucumber.
  • Macaron biscuit with apple and black pudding.Dine with dine with michelin stared chefs
  • Mille-feuille with Salmon
  • Wakamé cone, sesame and Tuna
  • Canape Steak tartar

Dine with dine with michelin stared chefs


Oyster with passion fruit and fresh ginger.
Oyster with black bean, spring onion and marinated shiitake.

Oyster with citrus, soy and Alaska king crab. ***

Raw marinated scallop with North Sea crab, avocado and cream with Tzar-Gold caviar. ***

Dine with dine with michelin stared chefs

Tortellini of lobster with dill, yellow watermelon and cucumber, coconut and curry sauce crumb.

Dine with dine with michelin stared chefs
Poached North Sea turbot filet with sugar snaps, capers, grapes & potato sauce.

Beef citron with chard and apple syrup.

Dine with dine with michelin stared chefs
Chard – Sorrel dessert.

Dine with dine with michelin stared chefs
Selection of Marou chocolate.



Duval Leroy Fleur Du Brut Premier Cru, Champagne, France Caorunn Gin with Fentimans tonic waters

Acqua Panna & S.Pellegrino the finest natural mineral water
2015 Pikes Clare Valley, South Australia.
2014 St. Veran Le Clos, Burgundy.
2009 Ch. Meyney, St. Estephe.
Cafés Richard from Paris, France. & The German Ronnefeld family from Frankfurt


Along with the fine food and drink, and art exhibition by Lotus Arts de Vivre, guests will be overjoyed to know that a portion of the event’s proceeds will be donated to the SOS Children’s Villages Thailand, a charity supporting the welfare of children and their families.

Very near to his heart, Chef Henk has been working ceaselessly to support them for many years.

Special thanks should also go to Lotus Arts de Vivre for donating a piece from their collection of objet d’art for a charity auction at the event in support of SOS Children’s Villages Thailand.


at Oriental Residence Bangkok110 Wireless Road. Lumpini. Pathumwan Bangkok 10330

For reservations. please call +66 (0) 2252 8001