Bangkok’s Urbani Truffle Bar & Restaurant

What makes Urbani Truffle Bar & Restaurant so unique and special? View and quality describe Urbani Truffle Bar & Restaurant.

The elegant fine dining Italian style concept restaurant for a sophisticated clientele. Urbani Truffle Bar & Restaurant features outstanding Italian and European cuisine with a spectacular view over the heart of Bangkok.

Stylish decor, using vintage chairs and furniture which custom made from Italy. “Cocktail lounge “is an upscale bar with the delighted food tasting menu. It is a truly enjoyable experience at the spacious lounge bar with unique high-end wine collection characterized by the span and complexity of its offering.

Urbani means truffle, is the fabulous Italian truffles that Urbani family directly imported from Italy.

The restaurant opens for lunch and dinner, holds up to 80 seats, also has a private room for 10-20 seats.

Urbani Truffle Bar & Restaurant is specialized in combining the Italian original cuisine with artistic fine dining of uniqueness and exclusivity and offers superior quality food with the element of uniqueness and exclusivity. The truffle-based dishes are simply excellent and obviously food menu is the culinary art of fine food.

From the world’s leading Italian Truffles business leader to the restaurant in Bangkok. Everything you want to know from restaurant designs, food concept, services.

The story behind, the family tree started with Constantino Urbani in 1852, when he began exporting fresh truffles to Carpentras, France, thus creating a business that has become increasingly larger and more relevant through the years. Exports quickly expanded to France, Germany, Switzerland and at the same time as other Italian regions.

The Urbani family has faithfully dedicated themselves to providing top-notch truffles to treasured patrons. For more than 160 years the Urbani family’s service in the truffle industry has gone unparalleled by any other in its sector. So much so that 70% of all truffles sold in the world come under the Urbani name.

Here are highlights from 5 courses menu 

Beef Truffle Tartar – Australian beef tenderloin, truffle mustard, shallot, garlic parsley, caper, egg, with truffle slices

Truffle Soup – Urbani truffle paste, dried porcini, dried shitake mushrooms, covered by crips puff pastry

Alaska King Crab Cold Soup – Marinated Alaska king crab, tomato, cucumber, shallot, basil

Spaghetti Vongole Bottarga – Homemade pasta, Vongole, Cartago, garlic chili, parsley

Risotto Porcini Beef Cheek – Cornamalirisotto, Black Angus beef cheek, porcini, Parmigiano Reggiano, black truffle, red wine reduction

Baked Salted Sea Bass – Spanish sea bass, marinated salt, butternut pumpkin puree, caponata rolled, marinated tomato

Tournedos Rossini – Australian beef tenderloin, pistachio Espuma, porcini, black truffle sliced, foie grass, beef jus

Coconut Platter – Coconut Pena cotta, coconut ice cream, coconut jelly, coconut crumble, coconut sauce

Urbani Truffle Bar & Restaurant offers food choices with or without truffle flavor, you can order a la carte or set menu during lunch and dinner.  All Urbani products are available at Urbani Truffle Bar & Restaurant and through their website.

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Getting there: BTS Chong Nonsi Station

Address: 39th floor Sathorn Square Building, 98 North Sathorn Rd., Silom, Bangrak, 98 North Sathorn Rd., Silom, Bangrak, Bangkok

Tel: 02-2331990-1

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