Wat Puetudom was built around 1874 and is located on 25 Klong Sib Song Sai Hok Wa, Moo 9, Tambol Puetudom, Amphur Lamlukka, Pathumthani. Formerly, it was named “Wat Rat Sattaram”. After that during Pastor Chuang Tammachote’s years, the name was changed to “Wat Puetudom” since the area nearby is full of plants and flowers. Wat Puetudom was built from the faith of the people in the community with Mae Saeng Eiawwattana’s donated land (1,267 square meters). The temple was built with wood by the money of Heng Eiawwattana, Jam Kaesornbua and Yot- Tiang Yotpetch. This temple was granted a loyal temple in year 1875, the era of King Rama V. Then, the temple bought more land in the south (808 square meters) which is where the new ubosot is situated now. Pra Ajarn Dang was the first abbot of this temple. He was the initiator to build the ubosot with the size 9.36 (W)* 23.55 (L) meters. Inside the ubosot, there is Praputtasothorn as the main Buddha image. The area around the temple is at the bank of Klong Sib Song Sai Hok Wa which welcomes flooding every year. The buildings during the first period have been destructed by the flood therefore restoration is needed. There have been 9 abbots in this temple since this temple was built. Puetudom is a big viharn in Thailand with a unique design. The lower level is designed to imitate hell which whoever done bad things are believed to be sent here after death. On the higher level, they imitated heaven with beautiful wall paintings. It is believed that whoever wants to be sent to heaven must have a big faith in good deeds.

Credit: https://www.tourismthailand.org/

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