Wat Sri Pan Ton

Created by Phaya Pan TonThe ruler of Nan The Phu Kha dynasty (occupying Nan during 1960 – 1969), the name of the temple corresponds to the name of the creator Phaya Pha Ton, sometimes referred to as Wat Saree Pan Ton.In the past there was a large Bodhi tree on the north and south sides of the temple but now it was cut for construct the streets. Wat Sri Pan Ton was given the name Wisugkamsrima in 1962, the temple has a beautiful temple. The highlight is the glittering golden. Another temple in Nan with beautiful stucco painting, especially the seven-headed nagas guarding the stairs in front of the temple which is very beautiful and looks gentle, lively molded by a Nan technician named Mr. Anurak Somsak or Srisang.Inside the church, there is a painting of the Buddha’s history and the history of Nan.Sri Pan Ton temple was the abode of the former grandfather of the abbot of Wat Sri Phan. He is a good monk who always treat a sick people with the spell casting magic and the use of local herbs, the treatment is very good. Especially bones and inflammation of the pores. He has kindheartness for treatment all patients in Nan hospital every day until he death.

Credit: https://www.tourismthailand.org/

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