If Saturday night is usually a great day of the week to party with friends, here is a fantastic excuse to keep up the party momentum and meet your friends on Sunday afternoon …to ensure you continue the party in style. The Hangover Brunch welcome all party goers  (adults only !) to a bubbly cocoon party lounge, sparking with pink and white settings, fun cocktails and lots of bubbles with ultra comfy VIP sofa beds all over the exclusive meeting space at Altitude.

Live DJ’s and a great team of hosts with ensure you & your friends have a great time from Sunday early afternoon till later in the afternoon. We loved the signature refreshing cocktails and bartenders took a great pride to show us some of their tricks and special concoctions.

Entrance area

Arrive to an open bar for the first hour with free selected drinks to take the edge of things.  The space is decked out for a lively party with an entertainment program that includes live DJs, special performances, and lots of surprises.

Bring your friends, dance if you want or take a seat while you eat and drink, and maybe lie down for a while on some cozy beds. The lighting is moody and the party is on. So no more grumpy Sundays!

Try out the Minosa Popsicle, the Bloody Wake Up or the Electrinis cocktails while you are comfortably lounging in bed…they are just great  !

The event, high up on the 25th floor in the heart of the city, is slated for Sunday 6 August 2017. Doors open at 13:00 hrs. and stay open through 18:00 hrs.


At A Glance:

–  Sunday, August 6, 2017 from 13:00 to 18:00 hrs.
–  Open Bar from 13:00 – 14:00 hrs.
–  Adults only
–  Free Entrance
–  Drinks, Food & Day Party
–  DJ’s: Sammy, Jerome G & DJ Groove
–  Saxophone performance by Antonio Pedrero Garcia


– Selection of bites starting at 190 THB

– Selection of cocktails starting at 250 THB

– Bottle service starting at 2,700 THB

More information or reservation, please call (66)(2) 207 8000 or e-mail