World Reward Solutions Offers Infinite Solutions Created For The Discerning Affluent – Catered To You 


It is no longer enough for business to just know their customers and identify their customers’ needs. In this day and age where “customer satisfaction” comes not from the products or the services themselves but also from the value and sentiment that brand has to offer. Crafting and delivering the best quality and valuable experiences to our prestige clients become of the most progressive and significant way to reward their support, build their trust and most importantly, secure your brand at the top of their mind.

Story by Manta Klangboonkrong

Whether your company’s CRM program is aimed at rewarding your most loyal customers, boosting sales or building brand awareness, it is every marketer’s challenge to come up with innovative rewards to engage customers. The newly launched, World Reward Solutions, is the state-of-the-art customized reward programs with digital solutions crafted exclusively to suit your campaign and reward program needs. Each rewards program can be tailored made by preferred categories in dining, travel, shopping, wellness, gifts and so forth, and the choices are infinite.

World Reward Solutions is an innovative solutions platform that promises corporate organizations with personalized rewards and loyalty programs, offering memorable rewards and incentives for their ever-growing customer portfolio and employees,” says founder Jakkapan Rattanapet, who has over 15 years of loyalty program and lifestyle management experience working in top concierge companies in Thailand, Singapore and the UK. In 2014, he established his own lifestyle management company based in Thailand and has successfully extended the business to Singapore, Hong Kong and China.

His accomplishments include successful loyalty program establishment for top luxury automobile brand and privilege programs for renowned private banking firm in Thailand. With his utmost passion to elevate his business to the global stage, he decided to transform his business into an innovative, technology-based service model by turning reward programs into one-click digital solutions, making it more relevant and user-friendly for both his customers and partners.

“With my extensive experiences and know-how, combined with World Reward Solutions’ team of innovative solution experts, I am confident that we can fulfil your organization needs by delivering the best quality service, helping you to facilitate higher customer loyalty and fostering meaningful relationships between you and your customers or employees.”

World Reward Solutions offers three signature services –  the prestige offers that allow the firm to be recognized as one of the best loyalty program providers in Thailand. The first signature service is the Infinity Rewards that extend to digital redemption, privilege concierge, gift vouchers and SMS verification. All of which can be tailored and customized to best suit your customers.

“So far we have created monthly privilege campaigns for a credit card company to establish higher customer engagements, unparalleled thematic experiences for a private banking to reward their top 100 members, loyalty membership benefits for a luxury property group as part of their acquisition program benefits and solutions for a private banking firm’s privilege program where their customers can enjoy various redemption options either by privilege concierge or digital redemption,” Jakkapan says. “We make the needs and lifestyles of your customers where our team of experts craft the best program to best suit your customer and reflect well on your brand”

The second service is titled Silver Voyage, and it’s catered to your wanderlust customers. “We believe that indulgence is personal and therefore we innovatively offer authentic services to perfectly match your customers’ lifestyle needs for an unforgettable travel experience,” Jakkapan enthuses. “Come on board with us and immerse yourself with our one-of-a-kind curated travel voyage that will turn your customers’ wishes into unforgettable realities.”

Be it an experiential program, recognition initiatives, rewards options or as simple as a convenient access that can be marketed through different concierge programs, World Reward Solutions has the expertise, resources and platform relevant to fit your requests and deliver experiences beyond expectations. Moreover, Silver Voyage offers point to point VIP transfers in Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong as well as our alliance network in other major cities in the world. What makes us stand out from the rest of other service providers will be our personalized Silver Voyage Butler service, where the butlers understand and assist you seamlessly from the time you step out from your door to airport check-in counter.

The last signature service by World Reward Solutions is Airport Assist that turns your air travel arrangements from a test of endurance to a seamless VIP indulgence. This service ensures that sure that teams are by your side every step of the way, offering VIP airport services at nearly 100 airports across the world.

Our airport butlers are at our VIP clients’ full disposal, from the moment they leave their departure point to the arrival at their destination,” Jakkapan says. “We specialize in complex, multi-destination trip arrangements, assistance and guidance, from inbound-outbound flight arrangements; conference room bookings; re-booking assistance in the event of delays or cancellations; help families traveling with young children or elderly; lost luggage arrangements all the way to excess bag charges assistance. With airport assist, your air travel experience is designed to be pampering, seamless and efficient, as it always should be.”

Apart from experiential rewards programs and services, World Reward Solutions also has almost 20 years of experience in encouraging high-performing individuals to be their best selves at work and at home. The firm delivers personalized solutions that will save your valued employees time and money, increase their productivity, supercharge engagement to establish a positive company’s employee brand. The services can be tailored to match your requirements, budget and it can be fully white-labelled or co-branded.

World Reward Solutions also has a team of corporate events and workshop specialists on hand to curate special corporate events and workshops for you. Whether you are entertaining a group of connoisseurs or engaging adventure seeking enthusiasts, you are likely to be spoilt by all the options they have to offer and pampered by attentive, meticulous event specialists every step of the way.

With their partner, Hong Kong-based Datatrade that has over 35 years of client management experience in customer loyalty programs, World Reward Solutions takes CRM loyalty solutions to the next level with digital-enhanced services with platform that supports English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese, compatibility with POS system, CRM databases and multi-purpose social application like LINE and WeChat, SMART Marketing Engine for email or SMS blast campaigns, marketing dashboards and real time information to assess your CRM loyalty program status. Technical advancement aside, Jakkapan believes that attention to details is a vital factor behind the meticulous services of World Reward Solutions.

“We listen, innovate and offer flexible approaches for our customers to personalize reward programs that meet the needs of individual country, vertical industry, partners and end-user segments. Not only do we offer concierge as our core business, but our service is supported by our privilege concierge to ensure that we can manage multiple requests at the same time. On top of that, in-country fulfilment means faster local delivery while eluding costly cross-border taxes, duties and delays. So far, we have received great feedbacks from our clients, who 80 percent are HWNI customers. Our solution experts represent some of the best talents in the industry as each of our team members individually carries over 10 years of luxury business experience, so sit back, relax and rest assured you are in good hands with us.”

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