Zoom Sky Bar – Bangkok’s Rooftop Bar At Anantara Sathorn Bangkok

The Sky-high Delights

Looking for a place to see the city lights tonight? Located on the 40th floor of Anantara Sathorn Bangkok, gorgeous ZOOM Sky Bar shows you the nighttime glamour of the metropolis with 360-degree view, and everything pleasant to make every minute up there your best quality time with your beloved ones.

By Fah & Pam LuxurySocietyAsia.com 

The Dishes

Serving modern European dishes up in the sky, the cuisine at ZOOM looks sophisticatedly stylish with health-loving ingredients. Thoughtfully selected from Thai organic farms and worldwide sources are the ingredients used here, resulting in impressionable flavours.

Starting with Salmon and Quinoa (THB 490), it contains all superfoods for your health such as salmon, red quinoa, avocado, and more, but it tastes so naturally rich, unlike most of the common healthy foods.

Tuna and Foie Gras (THB 530) is served cold. The dish is a palatable combination of cold foie gras purée and fresh black fin tuna, to savour with creamy potato vanilla mousse topped with ikura. This simple menu tastes heavenly.  

Promfret (THB 800) is another healthy plate with juicy charcoal grilled Pomfret fish with charming foam made from parmesan cheese, peas, beans, and artichoke. How they create the right balance of every flavour is still a mystery, and we love it. Must try!

Another wonder of this place is Organic Duck Breast (THB 600) served with sweet potato purée and Asian coleslaw. They roast the duck so perfectly and seasoned it with all the right things, so it doesn’t taste so Chinese, but instead, uniquely tender and flavourful.

Beef Tenderloin (THB 1,300) is an ideal combination where East meets West. The juicy tenderloin is to be eaten with Thai beef jerky and craftful taro, and it’s delicious.

The Drinks

Amethyst (THB 350) with Blueberry & Lavender infused Tanqueray Gin gives a bold texture and distinctive gin’s juniper taste, with a subtle bit of floral and berry-ish aromas. A squeeze of lime juice smoothens the overall flavours. This glass is to be bit-by-bit sipped as a long drink for a long, happy night.

A whiskey-based fruity mix, Préstige (THB 350) reveals Apple as its top note and hides some cinnamon in between. Despite containing whiskey, the fruitiness runs over the alcoholic aroma, and is suitable for those who don’t want a strong one.

Lost Star (THB 350) comes with the most unique taste of the night. By adding fresh apple star, it casts the mellow magic of quenching the thirst with its charismatic flavour. The smooth blending of vodka, Amaretto, lime juice, egg white, and fresh fruits makes this glass charming.

Buoyantly playful is Mango Tales (THB 350), which is influenced by Thai famous sweet, Mango with Sticky Rice. The mixture of whiskey, Cointreau and mango purée is capped with bubbly foam made from blended sticky rice with coconut cream, and it’s a big ‘wow’.

Young Coconut Delight (THB 340) is another light glass with offbeat coconut whiff and a bit of mint-ish touch, but without noticeable coconut taste. Being not too sweet, this is a jubilant glass to have with delectable dishes.

Guest’s Choice

Karanaporn Monsatta, our guest, who is a dainty lawyer, picks Lost Star over other glasses to enjoy the night. She likes how unique it tastes and refreshment it gives. She also enjoys most of the foods here.

Getting There

Drop off at Chong Nonsi BTS Station and take the Exit 5 (the exit to Empire Tower) for a ten minutes’ walk to the hotel, or you may take a cab or a bike to the hotel to save more time.

Anantara Sathorn Bangkok

36 Narathiwas-Ratchanakarin, Yannawa Sathorn, Bangkok 10120, Thailand


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