Advanced Info Service Public Limited Company or AIS, reported that today (Sept 19) AIS has made its first installment payment to NBTC for an amount of 6,693,385,000 baht (including VAT) after winning the 1800 MHz spectrum auction (comprising 1740 – 1745 MHz and 1835 – 1840 MHz) bid by Advanced Wireless Network Company (AWN), an AIS subsidiary. The license (5 MHz x 2) is worth 12,511 million baht. AIS has also submitted a bank guarantee worth 6,693,385,000 baht (including VAT) for the balance due payable to the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC). All payments will be counted as the nation’s revenue, increasing strength to Thailand’s telecom infrastructure and benefiting other national development programs, preparing the country to be ready for Thailand 4.0 policy.


Since 2012, AIS has been acquiring a few spectrum licenses from NBTC’s auctions starting with 2100 MHz bandwidth for a bidding volume of 14,625 million baht, 1800 MHz (first bid) at a value of 40,987 million baht, 900 MHz worth 75,654 million baht, and 1800 MHz from the latest auction held on August 19 at 12,511 million baht. The cost of all licenses combined totals 144,000 million baht. AIS has been paying each and every license installment on time every due date. In our view, all payments reflect AIS determination to constantly improving network and service quality, pursuing customer service excellence and strengthening Thailand’s infrastructure in telecommunication.

AIS is the only telecom/digital-life service provider to possess the most bandwidth from NBTC. Combined with TOT roaming, AIS total bandwidth amounts to 120 MHz (60 MHz x 2). Particularly, the 1800 MHz offers the widest bandwidth in the country totaling 40 MHz (20 MHz x 2), enabling more than 40 million AIS subscribers nationwide to enjoy maximum quality in both data and voice.

AIS has notified NBTC that the company is ready to receive the 1800 MHz spectrum license on Monday, Sept 24, and schedules to announce the official launch of 1800 MHz service on Sep 28, 2018. All AIS customers will soon enjoy superior 4G service with 5G technology coming in the near future.