The Sukhothai Loi Krathong and Candle Festival 2018 takes place on 16-25 November at the Sukhothai Historical Park.

Daily activities include:

  • Ceremony to welcome the Dawn of Happiness, offering dried food to Buddhist monks, along the route between Saphan Bun, Wat Traphang Thong and Sukhothai Historical Park, at 05.55 Hrs.
  • Ancient market of the Sukhothai Period, local sports, sword and staff fighting show, thread-wound fist Thai boxing display, at the Four Pavilions
  • Contemporary performances on stage and a market selling products of the communities, at Wat Sorasak (modern zone)
  • Lan Thet Lan Tham (Sermon of the Great Birth), at Wat Traphang Ngoen, at 13.00 Hrs.
  • Traditional Thai music, on the grounds in front of Wat Maha That, at 17.00 Hrs.
  • Nang Nopphamat Beauty Contest, at the Dong Tan Stage, at 19.00 Hrs.
  • Khon mask performance, at the back of Wat Chana Songkhram, at 20.30 Hrs.
  • Performance on the legend of Thao Si Chulalak, and Loi Krathong activity, at the pond of Wat Sa Si (Traphang Trakuan), at 22.30 Hrs.
  • Phlu, Talai, Fai Phaniang pyrotechnics (fireworks display), at the pond of Wat Sa Si (Traphang Trakuan), at 23.00 Hrs.

On 22 November (Loi Krathong Day), there are additional activities:

  • Procession to invite the royal inauguration flame and lanterns, at 08.00 Hrs. (prepare the float to go around town at 14.00 Hrs.)
  • Royal Float, Loi Krathong Festival processions of nine districts, and a procession of Nang Nopphamat, at 14.00 Hrs.
  • Floating the royal lanterns by the Chairman of the Ceremony to mark the auspicious occasion, at the pond of Wat Sa Si (Traphang Trakuan), at 23.00 Hrs.

In addition, there is a nightly ‘light and sound performance’ taking place on the grounds in front of Wat Maha That, Sukhothai Historical Park, on 16-22 November, at 19.30 Hrs. On 22 November, there is an extra show at 17.30 Hrs.

Meanwhile on the same venue, the Khao Khwan Wan Len Fai Samrap Samran Ahan Sukhothai (Sukhothai Gala Dinner) takes place on 16-25 November, from 17.30 – 19.15 Hrs.

Click here to download the event’s programme.

For more information, please contact:
Tourism Authority of Thailand Sukhothai Office
Tel: +66 (0) 5561 6228-9

For enquiries and tickets to the ‘light and sound performance’ and the Sukhothai Gala Dinner, call +66 (0) 64 538 9475.

By Luxury Society Asia