As Libération is more than a place for a punchy, boozy night out, the one-off experience of flavours comes from the wunderkinds of the mixology scene, using compelling techniques and innovative brilliance. What’s also charming about the bar is that there is no half measure when it comes to creative tastes. 

By Fah & Pam 

“Propaganda” plays a big part in the bar’s main concept. Generally, the term indicates the frequent repetition of information that the audience eventually believe it is true. At this bar, you will be “liberated” from what you think a cocktail could be. Each handcrafted drink interprets propaganda materials and transforms the story into zests. Pure genius. 

The head bartender, Khun Kitibordee “Gov” Chortubtim, has recently won first place of World Class 2019. Together with his team of masterful bartenders, the craft cocktails here are guaranteed to be fascinating drinkable artistry. 


The menu is divided into 3 parts: Chapter 1 translates the propaganda pictures into liquid narratives; Chapter 2 mashes up the drinks from the first chapter by creating something novel by using the same ingredients with some twist; Chapter 3 is almost bespoke ones, but each core ingredient will never be left out.

Starting with Chapter 1’s Vegan War, which is a mixture of 4 veggies, is a surprising glass with its healthy tastes despite being the cocktail. Being not too sweet, each layer of flavours reveals strong scent of each vegetable in the glass. Far-out! 

Secret Service (Chapter 2) comprises re-distilled Campari, making a huge difference to the layering of tastes. It’s stunning how sipping with and without salt can makes whole new flavours. The lasting cherry-ish aftertaste also makes the glass enchanting.

Yes, inside the Waterbug (Chapter 3), there is actually a part of waterbug – its pheromone. Surprisingly, it smells so much like apple, with a subtle scent of something “unique”. It’s completely drinkable, and tastes refreshing.

Wholeheartedly recommended is Invisible Passenger (Chapter 1), an interesting collision course between naïve aroma of chocolate condensed milk, lively orange Vermouth, and untamed Absinthe, blending in seamlessly with one another. The drink feels surprisingly soft despite the distinctive scent of Absinthe, and leaves the sweetest taste of condensed milk in the mouth.

Reading the description of Snooze No More (Chapter 2), you may expect a lovely banana-ish glass, but it’s not actually so. The spirit-forwardness of smoky Islay Whiskey and the banana aroma do go along well, in an avant-garde way. 

The main charisma of Libération is how you won’t really get what you expect – it is even better. This is the intriguing place to surprise yourself and your friends.


Drop off at Phrom Phong or Thong Lo BTS Station and take a cab or a bike to Piman 49. Parking lot available.


4th Floor, Piman 49,

Sukhumvit 49, Wattana, 10110 Bangkok

T: +66 (0) 93 654 2500