Chiang Mai’s Mae Rim Best Restaurant Review – Khu Khao


A unique crossroad restaurant concept under Raya Heritage, where the combination of four nationalities bonded together with a sense of purity, local, and culture.  

By Pasuta P. (Pam)

The first bowl of salad, Khao Raem Fuen Sai Gai Yunnan, served with spicy grilled chicken, bean sprouts, Chinese chive, corn and spicy peanut sauce, together with Yunnan rice curd. It mixed of Chinese cooking style and local culinary recipe.

Then, try the vermicelli rice noodles with light violet colour topped with pork meatballs, ginger, garlic, shallot – all are tossed in coconut and shrimp paste. Jin- Loong , shan-style dish gave you an exotic flavour of savouring noodle together with coconut soup. Real authentic taste and rarely to find. 

Filled your local meals with Moo Toon Ob Grob Rak Bua; slow-cooked crispy pork leg in Laotian style with pickled vegetables, shitake mushrooms and boiled egg. It goes good with Thai jasmine rice and clear soup. 

The other Burmese tradition noodles, Mohinga. The roll of fermented rice noodles with curried fish and ginger broth. Side dish with banana stem, lemongrass shredded cabbage, long beans and boiled egg. Tropical Asian style mingled with home-grown dishes.

The grilled river prawns in Shan food style, you can’t miss it! The chef presented the local ingredients and made spicy tamarind sauce more delicious and differently.  

Dessert time with Pandan – infused tapioca pearl pudding and homemade banana ice cream. Another recommended, Aloe Vera and Pomelo flan will gently refresh your day time. 

With its elegant rustic vibe, you can stay indoor dining room or outdoor artisan table on the terrace and garden, on the banks of the Ping River. We wholeheartedly recommend Khu Khao for next visit in Chiang Mai.

Address:   Raya Heritage 157 Moo 6, Don Kaew, Mae Rim, Chiang Mai 50180, Thailand 
Contact:    + 66 (0) 53 111 670